Badin Brothers 5 Tracks of the Moment

Rising DJ/producer brothers Scott and Olivier Badin popped onto our radar in 2017 espousing a house-tastic sound that’s informed by a host of other musical styles. The Paris-bred, London-based siblings have continued to hone their infectious sound while rocking dance floors in Ibiza and points beyond.

In March the Badins dropped their Mind over Matter EP on Housekeeping, a label and event brand who they’ve maintained a close relationship since the get-go. There’s also a nice lil’ buzz building over “Crepuscule” found on the Reflections Vol. 3 EP, which dropped in May on Crossings Records.

Ahead of a busy summer, we asked the guys to share their favorite tracks of the moment, and they were happy to comply.

Smokbit – Reflet (Original Mix)

This track is an absolute groover, with very profound and energetic sounds that come in and out of the track taking you into different directions. Deep basslines and just a touch of hypnotic vocals all packaged [with] some tech-house percussion make this track both hectic but also very chilled. It’s a perfect slow burner for early-ish and later sets.

Collective Machine – Space Ride (Original Mix)

Wicked groove once again from percussion boss Collective Machine. The rapid snares at the beginning throw you right in the groove. The intricate use of effects samples and percussions gives this track a ton of energy and is definitely one of favorite tracks of the moment. The wicked vocal kicks in just past the three-minute mark and adds a layer of fun and randomness to the groove and it works like a dream! Dance floor filler!

Energy52 – Café Del Mar (Tale Of Us Renaissance Remix)

This track is an absolute gem of a remix from Tale Of Us for the recently revived legend of a label, Renaissance. The Italian maestros managed to create both a heavy and hypnotic roller all the while conserving the authenticity of the vibe from the original mix. It’s a total game changer that you are guaranteed to hear again and again at open-air festival events such as Burning Man and AfrikaBurn. Everyone, young and old, is immediately set in the right mood when this track drops.

Dmitry Molosh – Bustle (Original Mix)

One of those epic tracks that could fit both in tech-house as well as melodic house and techno sets. The raw energy of the groove in this track is enough to get anyone up on their feet. The complexity of the different synths adds to the madness. The fact it is written at a relatively low BPM (120) means it doesn’t get too intense, in addition to brilliant production, results in a one awesome delivery. This is best exemplified in the main drop of the track just at 4:00, which is something of beauty, at once both exhilarating due to the synth stabs and swinging groove, and also soothing thanks to the background pads and long reverbed elements. We dare you to drop this on a warmed-up crowd!

Badin Brothers – Caravan (Original Mix)

This is a very special track for us. We worked in collaboration with our good friend, the talented Paco Naveira (a.k.a. Octopus Kid), who is a singer-songwriter from Argentina. He wrote the lyrics and recorded them as an original acoustic song from which we created this tech-house version. It was a challenging experience working with such complex vocals, making them fit within the groove of the track, and trying to get that delicate balance between the intensity of the percussions in the groove and the power, or presence of the vocal track behind them, trying to combine the energy of the instruments with the emotion of the voice. We think we did a good job. The feedback has been sensational, and we have heard it being dropped by great DJs we truly admire, adding to the significance this track has for us.

Darren Ressler

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