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Alex Mantidakis (a.k.a. Almad) is a DJ/producer on the rise. This month the Green-born, Ibiza/Stockholm-based house artist dropped the Amcha EP, an enlightened three-track affair influenced by his interest in healing sounds, on his PlayHouse Time Records.

On a canvas of crisp percussion, funky basslines and lilting synth-driven melodies, Mantidakis leverages uplifting vibes and his experience decimating dance floors at Ushuaïa, Km5, Chiringay, Es Vive, Hard Rock Hotel, and Pacha’s El Hotel to transport us into another dimension.

We caught up with the man himself and asked him about tracks that are currently rocking his world.

M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade – Body Language

What can I say about this track. Classic electro-house track from M.A.N.D.Y. and Books Shade. I loved it when Booka Shade performed it live at the opening of Space Ibiza back in 2016.

Nu & Jo Ke – Who Loves The Sun (Original Mix)

A great track and a great collaboration from Nu & Jo Ke. It brings to my mind all the good memories from WooMooN in Ibiza and the hippie vibe that those parties used to have.

Lane 8 – Fingerprint (Anderholm Remix)

Anderholm remixed “Fingerprint” from Lane 8 and the result couldn’t be better. The vibe of the track makes me wanna travel in a different time and space with a flavor of a fairytale.

Serge Devant – Thinking Of You feat. Camille Safiya (Serge Devant’s Floor Cut)

This was my favorite track during the summer of 2017. I was the resident DJ at Chiringay in Ibiza, and I played it almost every night. This track is full of emotion.

Aaron Ahrends – My Click

I heard first time “My Click” in a party in Zurich about one year ago, and I fell in love immediately with the groove of the track. It has a sexy and kinky flavor, but at the same time it’s deep with hopeful synths.

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