2018 Rewind: Dedric Moore (Monta At Odds)

Monta At Odds

How was 2018 for you?

Dedric Moore: 2018 was a great year musically. After four years of working on our album, Argentum Dreams, it finally came together. So many different versions of the album came and went so it was nice to settle on the song list and work the mixes into a cohesive unit. Partnering with 8D Industries was a great motivation to get things done and present the release in a professional manner.


Having Andrew Weatherall spin our tracks on his radio show and give the album high praise did it for me. For Delaney it was having his early inspiration/hero Laurent Garnier comment that he loved the album. Collectively, holding the vinyl in your hand and then giving it a spin always sends nervous chills down our spines.


I had health issues that date back to almost two years ago. After a ruined vacation in Colorado with a crazy ride through the mountains in the back of an ambulance and the tech repeating that heart surgery is an easy procedure — but stay calm, heart was fine. I did have surgery in August and I am finally feeling normal. Delaney has been working on a couple business projects that are fantastic opportunities but he won’t be able to perform live shows with the band. He brings that magical chaos that pushes our extended sonic exploration into the atmosphere when we cut loose. He jokes that the band sounds tighter without him.

Song of the year?  

“Discogedanken” by Klaus Johann Grobe

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

First off is trying to enjoy the moment and really have some fun with music. It’s tough sometimes to keep up with the biz side of music and you forget to just enjoy playing and making music. I never want to feel like it is a job. Music is a magical thing that comes out of your imagination. Music is an aural dream that makes its way to your fingers, feet, and vocal chords and bounces out into your vision of what music is. Delaney wants to have the follow-up EP or album finished by the end of the year. I’d be thrilled for that to happen. Another facet of enjoying the music is that I’d like to play some festivals this year. With eight band members on stage it can be tough to work out logistics to actually go to a different city and perform. It’s been over three years since we played live so that is both frightening and exhilarating.


Image by Barry Anderson

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