2018 Rewind: Christopher Coe


How was 2018 for you?

Christopher Coe: A special year for me. I had the honor of starting a new enterprise with Carl Cox, a live electronic music label called Awesome Soundwave, a label that Carl suggested we do in order to release my own album!

And then for MNTNS of SLNC to come out in May was the culmination of two years of work and many years of gestation! I haven’t released an album since 2009! And I am so happy and proud of this one.

To be given such an opportunity and to have the support of such a legend as Carl is deeply humbling and gratifying! Amazing year!


Releasing MNTNS of SLNC

Starting Awesome Soundwave

Working with Carl as engineer on his productions and releasing a bunch of remixes that he then goes and floor tests at the biggest festivals! Now that is a huge buzz!

Working on my live show with amazing visuals created by Roy Gerritsen in Amsterdam

Working to make music with a bunch of mentally and physically challenged artists in my home town in Ireland.. this was an extra special and wonderful experience. These people are just wonderful to work with, every day is a new day and there is no judgement.

Climbing mountains in Ireland.


The loss of some very special people from this world and the realization that many of our leaders are not willing to do what it takes to mitigate the rise in GHG emissions and avert dangerous climate change.

Song of the year?

Jon Hopkins – Emerald Rush

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

To learn how to surf. And to continue to try to create value wherever possible in my own and other’s lives.


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