2018 Rewind: Parra for Cuva

Parra for Cuva

How was 2018 for you?

Parra for Cuva: It was a very busy yet inspiring time to both write this album and to do everything that is necessary nowadays to put out a record. Yesterday I had my release Party in Berlin, and I am sitting a little hangover with a huge breakfast in Schöneberg Berlin.


The freedom I enjoy to be a musician and write music with no boundaries. I also think that my skill about music making is finally catching up with ideas I always wanted to realize so the writing process was very satisfying.

What I enjoy the most is that I can wake up when ever I want to start work, which is really the best way to make this sort of music. Sure you might sound a little lazy but it’s actually a lot of work. Most of the album was written in Berlin the first four months of 2018, and I finished everything in April. After the creative process came the part which is not as appealing for any musician is the part where you have to organize everything that’s happening in the background.


I wouldn’t say this is a “lowlight” but this is the part I enjoy less because a lot of problems appear on the way. Luckily I have a very good team working with me that made it so much easier.

Song of the Year?

That’s a tricky one. I still listen to a lot of music and over the year you stumble across so many good records and artists that it is very hard to just choose one particular song. I just had a look in my Spotify playlist where I collect all these Songs. If I had to decide, I would go for: Kevin Morby – Parade

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

I definitely need a hobby or something I burn for which I can do next to music. This year I just worked on music 24/7 and sometimes you wish you would have something that triggers you in the same way. I thought about doing my master’s or studying again. That does not mean I will stop making music but I guess it would be a nice challenging thing.

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