2018 Rewind: Alex Attias

Alex Attias

How was 2018 for you?

Alex Attias: A good year musically in terms of connections and production. I also managed to make more music for my labels, Visions Recordings/LillyGood Party, which is great and feels great. It was a great year also to buy records with so many good new releases and reissues. The quality was amazing, and I think it will continue in 2019. On a personal level 2018 was a challenging year, and I love the challenges so I’m very grateful to be able to question myself and each day learn and live in the moment.


The release of a compilation on BBE. I’m very happy with this album and also the DJ gigs I had were great so I feel blessed. Personal and musical highlight is also a gathering I do with friends called WATEVA. We get together at one of our places, listening and sharing each other’s vinyl records in any style around a great meal and some amazing wines.


Loss of friends, the rise of extremists in the world. The world in general going mad, especially in politics.

Song of the year?

Josh Milan – I Will Wait (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

I’m not into resolutions to be frank. I’m trying to live in the present. I will continue to be consistent, positive, benevolent and breathe deep with a smile.

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