2018 Rewind: SLATIN


How was 2018 for you?

SLATIN: 2018 was amazing! I built a modular synth that I always wanted and produced a ton of records. I released my first track on Big Beat Records, a label that I followed since the beginning of my career and collaborated with great artists that I admire. Can’t wait to see how 2019 is going to look like!


The house music resurrection! Many artists went back to the roots and started to simplify their sound getting the best structures, grooves, feelings from the past and blending them with the new standards. Really exciting to hear all the music that next year is going to bring us.


Music-wise I think we didn’t have any lowlights. Everything is evolving naturally as it should and I think we are in one of the best times for music.

Song of the year?

Anti Up – Pizza

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Make a ton of new tracks and never stop evolving, learning and innovating.


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Darren Ressler

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