2018 Rewind: Andre Crom

Andre Crom

How was 2018 for you?

Andre Crom: Good! Very happy with my decision to move back to Berlin from Barcelona. It turned my life upside down in many ways: lots of new bookings, reconnecting with old and meeting new friends, and I’m working on a new business parallel to the music here, where I also see more potential in Berlin.

As beautiful as Barcelona is, Berlin is the world’s techno capital, and a very progressive, international and liberal place. I feel I can be myself here, and experience much more “connection” with the people around me here.

For my label, 2018 was also a good year, since we have had an amazing DJ support by “the global techno elite” on pretty much every single EP we put out, which I’m very grateful for.


Definitely the move back to Berlin!


Not much really. Since doing meditation regularly, I’m not easily getting frustrated, so when something annoying happens, I tend to not take it very seriously.

Song of the year?

That is such a hard question in out times where we are BOMBARDED with good new music every day, and each single track can get forgotten easily.

But this one by 747 sticks with me. It works well on the floor but also has a cinematic and emotional quality, and is very memorable.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

I’m not into New Year’s resolutions. Why wait until the new year to change something? But I could see myself going from vegetarian to 100 percent vegan pretty soon. Thankfully in Berlin that’s already quite doable, even though we still need more great vegan options.


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