2018 Rewind: Drumcomplex


How was 2018 for you?

Arnd Reichow: I had an incredible year, and I am really thankful.


Playing for Carl Cox on the Intec Stage at Awakenings Festival was such a great experience for me. I played a lot of festivals this year but this was just crazy. Also super happy about the big success & support of my “Atomic Track” released on Andre Crom’s Off Recordings. Nearly everyone was — and — playing it. Super thankful for that as well.


My house was on fire beginning of the year which took a lot of energy from us.

Song of the year?

Marco Effe – Detection – Break New Soil

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

My last year’s resolution was to stop smoking, which I did and managed to quit it since beginning of 2018. Staying healthy and thinking positive is what Iexpect for the new year and for sure to keep going with my music.


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Darren Ressler

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