2018 Rewind: Set Mo

Set Mo

How was 2018 for you?

Set Mo: If we had to sum it up into one word: MASSIVE. Putting out a track a month on top of touring more than we ever have before has meant that this year has been pretty non-stop for us.


It’s hard to say as there has been so much great stuff going on. Seeing people respond to all the different music we’ve been putting out though has been pretty incredible. We’ve released such a broad range of songs this year in terms of style and we’ve been blown away by how positively it’s all been received.


We got stuck in a place called Darwin on a tour earlier this year due to a tropical cyclone! It meant that we were stuck there for two days and sadly had to cancel two shows as there was nothing we could do. Luckily, we got to reschedule one of them.

Song of the year?

Ooft, there’s been so much good music this year! Something which we’ve been playing all year though and still gets a great response every time we play it is “Hipcats” by ATFC & David Penn (Armada Music).

What’s your New Year’s resolution? 

Haven’t quite got around to thinking about that yet as we’ve been so flat out so maybe something along the lines of taking some mini breaks.


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