2018 Rewind: Yousef


How was 2018 for you? 

Yousef: Absolutely relentless, fulfilling, scary, exciting and sobering with so many close deaths. Overall though successful, creative and progressive both in terms of personal and work life.


My daughter being born. Just when I thought I could love more, Elea popped up and completed Team Z.


Slipping on my stairs and dropping Elea, putting her in hospital for a week. She’s recovering, my wife and are traumatized, but Team Z is stronger than ever!

Song of the year? 

Nasser Baker – Say Something. I love the music, the beats, the vocal and the story of Nasser. I LOVE a fun underground tune that has had 100 Radio One plays now, there’s still hope great music can cut through.


What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Finish my album, get out the studio for a few months, trim down and get fit again.


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