2018 Rewind: Basti Grub

Basti Grub

How was 2018 for you?

2018 was very moving both professionally and privately. I had some amazing releases, a great season in Ibiza and an incredible tour through South America. On top of that I got to spend the year with my baby boy, Lior, who will shortly turn one. This year was full of new and exceptional experiences and once again helped me focus on where I want to head musically.


I became father to a boy, and I got to work with inspiring and talented artists such as Timo Maas and Davide Squillace with several EPs coming up.


Herpes. No, actually none this year. All is well.

Song of the year?

My favorite tracks of 2018 are Aprapta – Sia Dia De and DJ Koze – Pick Up

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

New Year’s eve is just another day to me so there isn’t really a resolution. I can come up whenever with one….

@Basti Grub

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