2018 Rewind: Luca Donzelli

Luca Donzelli

How was 2018 for you?

Luca Donzelli: Every year is special. This one wasn’t more special than the others, because every year you are adding beautiful and bad things to “your personal life luggage.” So this one was wonderful, too. Fortunately, every year brings me a lot of different things that help me to be this crazy strange guy, half Italian, half Spanish, half french and half Hungarian.


Surely the thing that makes me more proud is Pyramid. The new party on Monday at Amnesia Ibiza; it was a real success. I would like also to add unexpected. Nobody believed that in the first year of work we could get so far. We are a big family, living with the same strong passion: music and party… LOUD and CLEAR.

Making a more personal reasoning, even this year I managed to confirm all the gigs I made in the years before, and to add many more. Especially new destinations, new clubs, new cultures and new people to add in this beautiful journey.

Also, I want to mention the label, Wow! Recordings. I’ve been managing it together with my dear friend and boss Mar-T, who launched the label 11 years ago, for four years now. I’m very happy about the music that we have released. It’s very cool music, focused on the dance floor and with original ideas! I’ve really enjoyed this year. The problem is the business.


Yeah, the business. This for me is the lowlight of this year. Ninety percent of the music that has been released is focused on marketing and radio, but especially on making money. It’s so difficult to find someone who is still working for his passion, without any kind of “marketing influence” from the business. I understand perfectly that we are trying to live with our biggest passion, and this makes us lucky humans, but there’s a difference between those two attitudes.

So the more people with the “money” attitude in the business means, for me, that the quality of music has fallen down in the last two years. It’s so difficult to find some nice stuff to play that sounds original. Many times I’m forced to do edits of the tracks that I buy or from the promos I receive, to sound a bit original and different from the other DJs.

Song of the year?

Probably the most difficult question of the interview: ANOTR – Summer In The Studio. If we were still in the ’90s, I’d have had to buy the vinyl four or five times over for the amount of times I’ve played this!

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

I will continue to pursue the dream of this story (through music) of myself, doing my best to protect music and what is beautiful in our world.

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