2018 Rewind: Till von Sein

Till von Sein

How was 2018 for you?

Till von Sein: 2018 was a weird year. Felt like one never-ending change to me. I don’t want to sound negative; I really enjoyed it. It’s just that I though, Hey, I am 41 now so let’s just chill and take it easy for the last twenty years on earth. Overall, I’m super happy with all those changes and new adventures. I would really appreciate if things slow down in general a bit.


The birth of my first child for sure. What an amazing ride it has been ever since. Never thought the little one can bring so much joy into my life.


I don’t want to talk politics, but you can’t avoid it and I don’t even mean politics in terms of Trump, Brexit and all the other ongoing BS in the world, but also the politics in our bubble, our scene. It’s all becoming super annoying, but you have to deal with it every day again and again.

Song of the year?

Cotonete & Dimitri From Paris – Parribean Disco

Not the kinda song I was able to pull off in every set, but when I played it, it has always been pure magic. Played it the first time in January and people lost their shit and got me totally confused as I didn’t expect it. I still play it like every two weeks or so and it has the same effect. Thank you for this beautiful piece of music.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Spend more time offline .. Well, ask me at 00.02 again after sending out the third IG Story in the new year already.

@Till von Sein

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