2018 Rewind: Joel Mull


How was 2018 for you?

Joel Mull: It started in NYC on New Year’s Day with a day party alongside Mighty DJ and selector Victor Calderone. And what a party it was. Victor’s New Year’s Day parties are legendary. The dancing tribes from all walks of life in NYC were there and boogied all day. So happy I was there to experience it. And in my opinion it’s always the best way to spend the first day of the year: dancing.

Looking back at this year, I’m surprised how fast 2018 flew by. It’s been great in terms of parties and music that got released this year. The quality of production and music ideas and visions are stunning. Personally, I’ve been busy with my own releases and touring schedule, but also busy in the studio. It’s been a great flow.


Again this year was my gig at the Festival Nation Of Gondwana located just outside Berlin. I’ve been lucky to be able to play there every year since 2012. And it’s like coming home every year. The people and the spirit are unique.


Animal cruelty and all the anger in the world. Humans are destroying the habitats of animals at a far greater rate then ever. In general, people have more quality of life and good things are happening yet they complain, and we have more and more extreme fascist politics taking over more and more. Have we not learned from the past? I wish that we could see a bit more positive energy and that we will see the people take more action in saving the planet.

Song of the year?

Oh, that’s almost too difficult of a question to answer! There was so much great music released in 2018. I can’t answer this. Sorry.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

To make more music. 🙂


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