2018 Rewind: Noncompliant


How was 2018 for you?

Noncompliant: Kinda wild! Lots of travel, some super amazing dream gigs. Trying to find free time between travel and day job. U.S. midterms were a semi-bright spot in our current dystopian nightmare.


Berghain always. Playing b2b with Erika at Concrete. Also Slam’s Maximum Pressure in Glasgow. Stellar party done by techno legends.


Twenty-four hours of winter travel woe (including flight cancellations, trains that didn’t reach my destination, trees falling on train tracks and multiple taxis) on my way from the U.S. to Glasgow in early 2018. All’s well that ended well. I had a blast once I got there.

Song of the year?

There are so many but one that I caned pretty relentlessly is The Advent – High Horse.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Make more time for production. I barely wrote anything this year because I was too busy and I really want to get back in tune with the machines. Also, hoping some planned collaborations come to fruition because those are fun!


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Image by Seze

Darren Ressler

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