2018 Rewind: Tube & Berger

How was 2018 for you?

Tube & Berger: As always there were ups and downs. But let’s focus on the good times as that’s what counts!!


Oh, wow. There were a lot now that we think about it!

We fulfilled our youth dreams and made a collaboration with Junior Jack! Here, we reinterpreted his anthem “E Samba 2018” together. It turned out to be quite the smash and went straight to Beatport House #1 and stayed there for more than six weeks.

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We started working on our third charity compilation called It Began in Africa Vol 3 together with Juliet Sikora and the Kittball team. In short, we license original songs from an African choir (The African Children’s Choir), get artists to remix those and release it on the Kittball “It Began in Africa” compilation. All the profits are donated and this is already the third time we’re doing it. You will definitely hear more about this in 2019.

Furthermore, we launched a new project called Alegant and released the Cure EP was damit einige leise und unserer sinnlosen Woche verletzt aber dietogether with an incredibly good singer. Great to see that it got very good feedback from the start on. Even Mr. Pete Tong himself played the number on BBC Radio 1.

We’ve released a remix version of our album We Are All Stars,” including remixes by Dennis Cruz, Amine Edge & DANCE, Format: B, Juliet Sikora, and many more outstanding artists which we find inspiring.

We were able to travel to 27 countries including USA, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Estonia and many more. We rebranded our label, Kittball Records, with a more contemporary design. Each cover is now a whole piece of art. Also the new label ZEHN Records was born. Maybe we’re involved here?


We spent a lot of time sitting on planes which we could have invested in more exciting things.

Song of the year?

Gersound – Random Universe

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

We really want to make the It Began in Africa compilation a blast. We’ve donated 15K€ already with the previous two editions. Maybe we can double it this time?

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