2018 Rewind: Toby Marks (Banco de Gaia)

Toby Marks banco de gaia

How was 2018 for you?

Toby Marks: To be honest, it’s been a pretty mixed year. I got a few new projects off the ground at the start of the year which was very satisfying, but I gradually realized I’d taken on rather a lot! All worth it though, just tiring. I did have a very quiet summer for a change and managed to enjoy the fantastic weather without being at festivals all the time, and I had more time in the studio than usual so lots of good things coming on.


Playing at Extreme Chill Festival in Iceland, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go. The main gig was fantastic, the crowd really made it go off, and doing an ambient gig with Andrew Heath in a beautiful old church was really special. Reykjavik is a lovely city and what I saw of the country outside the city was amazing. Actually, doing a string of ambient shows with Andrew this year has been a real joy; I’m getting to explore that side of things again and loving it.


We had some family health issues and then there’s UK politics, global politics, the environment … It’s been a really bad year on those fronts and a new darkness seems to be creeping into the Western world. I keep hoping something encouraging will happen, people have got to wake up sooner or later.

Song of the year?

“Sunrise Through the Dusty Nebula” by Hannah Peel. Starting my radio show this year has introduced me to a lot of new music so it’s a hard decision to pick one top track but I love the fact that this is all real brass instruments, not a synth in sight.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

To do more ambient and experimental music, really push the boundaries. There’s so much to explore in where technology can take us now; I want to try all of it!

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