2018 Rewind: Shadow Child

Shadow Child

How was 2018 for you?

Shadow Child: 2018 was extremely productive, actually. More time in the studio and less on the road has been amazing. A new project, Polymod, came out of it too, and I’m releasing some great music with great labels like Pets Recordings and 17Steps. Same with Shadow Child tracks, too.


I put out some acid tracks on Ovum and also released a collaboration EP with Mark Archer & Jerome Hill’s Super Rhythm Trax – both labels I’ve loved for years. Also we re-released SL2’s “DJs Take Control” on Food Music with new remixes to celebrate our 50th which has gone so well but more importantly been lots of fun. Playing a 3am jungle set in Studio 338’s main room was pretty special too!


Missing one of my Ibiza gigs due to underestimating the upheaval of moving house! It was a big shame to miss it. I wish the move could’ve gone very differently but sometimes real life kicks in amongst all the DJ and music privileges, and family comes first.

Song of the year?

Nomad – Devotion (Pangaea’s Edit). Goosebumps.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

To keep balancing my DJ/studio time so I can be more productive again. Love my life and family but there’s nothing like it when you get momentum writing music too … it’s what I’m all about for me!

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