2018 Rewind: Barbuto

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How was 2018 for you?

Christian Barbuto: I played several great parties in Europe and Australia as well as around North America consistently all year-long so without a doubt a huge step forward. I think the music I put out reached more people and I really was able to step back and enjoy the music, the places, parties and the people.


My tour in Australia without a doubt. I played 12 parties and they were all great and some were spectacular. Having been born there but not having lived there since I started to DJ, I am an outsider so it’s been really special to connect with local promoters and artists around the country. The place is chock full of talent and they really have a good time and do a great job down there. I do want to shout out Amsterdam though. Techno Tuesday is a very special party.

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One of my best friends passed away suddenly, Luis Ramirez. He was a pair of ears on pretty much all my tracks as well as a huge support. We did a back-2-back opening set for Adam Beyer the last time he came to Austin. He was a good friend. My father-in-law passed away within a day of Luis from cancer also so it was a really tough moment for a while.

Song of the year?

“Keep Moving Forward” by Daniel Trim.

Not the type of techno track you might expect from me but more of a late-night tech house party vibe burner for when the feel good emotions are pumping. This was my end of set secret weapon at a lot of parties I played.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

To stop being so hard on myself and just enjoy all the moments; to do what I have been thinking, talking about and procrastinating for years like a radio show podcast, a label and some live stream type things.


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