Tantsui 5 Tracks of the Moment


Tantsui is a Moscow-based producer/live electronic project helmed by Ramzes Akhmetov. With releases on Kindisch, Crosstown Rebels and Get Physical  — as well as a crossover hit in the form of 2013’s “Beautiful Day” — Akhmetov released Tantsui’s wonderful debut album, Unbound, on NOPASSPORT in October.

The 10-track release is awash with inspired downtempo grooves that soar above a backdrop of woozy deep house and chunky beats. The music is earnest and the lyrics are often pensive and somber.

Below Akhmetov shares his five favorite tracks of the moment, most of which deviate far from typical dance floor fodder you’d expect him to choose.

Tantsui – Beautiful Day (Remake)

This is my first track without hi-hats and it brings a romantic mood and sense of nostalgia to me.

Alampa – Run Or Defence

The young and very talented collective Alampa — this is a new wave of chill music.

Tame Impala – ‘Cause I’m a Man

I’m a big fan of indie music actually! I particularly love the sound and atmosphere of Tame Impala.

Grand Funk Railroad – Mean Mistreater

A classic of psychedelic rock, I started listening to Grand Funk Railroad during my childhood days and I still love them.

Soundgarden – Switch Opens

When I heard their music for the first time I didn’t like it, but after some time I gave them another chance and it was totally worth it. I have realized they are geniuses ever since!

Darren Ressler

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