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Juliet Sikora is a tour de force in dance music. Since delivering her debut release crafted with German producer duo Tube & Berger on Opaque Music in 2006, she’s cultivated an unmatched reputation for crafting sublime house and techno tracks for the likes of Suara and Kittball, the Dortmund-based label she co-owns with T&B and P.A.C.O.

Cut to the present and Siroka, who hails from Poland and is trained in classical piano, continues her path to global dance floor domination. She recently remixed Simion’s “Power Of Music” on Cajual and dropped “What Did I Tell Ya” with Return Of The Jaded on Relief. In addition to presenting Kittball parties, Sikora aced a mix for Pete Tong’s All Gone Pete Tong show that aired at the end of May.

We checked in with the rising star and asked to share tracks that are currently rocking her world.

Midland – Final Credits
This has been one of my favorite tracks for ages. What a lovely tune; I’m so in love with it. The beat, the vocal, everything on this track makes you smile. Legendary production and house music at its best! Pitch it down to 123-125 BPM, and you will fall in love too!

Polymod – No Other (Original)
This tune reminds me of ’90s raves, and every time I play this track I have to smile. There’s such a positive vibe on this piano track.

Veerus – Paranoic (Original)
So many people have asked me for this track. This tune is a dance floor weapon, utterly underrated. In my opinion, this groove goes straight into your legs.

Re.You & Florian Busse – Cuando (Davide Squillace Remix)
I recently received this tune and what a banger remix — it caught me straight away! This groove is rolling like a steam train.

KDA – Hate Me (feat. Patrick Cash)
This is a perfect match of vocal mood and beats. It’s so groovy but somehow depressive and aggressive. It’s been in my playlist since I grabbed a copy.

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