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Russ Yallop

Since setting dance floors ablaze in 2010 with his “I Can’t Wait” debut release on Crosstown Rebels, London-based house DJ/producer Russ Yallop continues to cultivate his bespoke sound. On the production front, he’s delivered scorchers for Rebellion, No.19, Foot & Mouth. He’s also a demon behind the decks, spinning at high-profile festival’s such as Tomorrowland, Kazantip, Global Gathering and playing venues such as Tokyo’s Womb, Berlin’s Watergate and Circo Loco at DC10.

Yallop recently provided an absolutely smashing re-rub of SPNCR feat. Lorde Sanctus’s “In This Moment” on Emerald City Music. Curious to know what’s on heavy rotation at his HQ, we asked the man himself to share his top five tracks of the moment.

1. SPNCR ft. Lorde Sanctus – In This Moment (Russ Yallop Remix)
This remix is one of my favorite productions I’ve done in a while as that motherfucker was HARD. So [Lee] Foss hit me up asking if I wanted to do a remix for Emerald City and I replied, like, sure 100 percent. Then I actually got the track and it was like a 100 bpm swingbeat song with a big chorus and a rap! I was like what the eff I’m gonna do with this? I actually went back to Leon the label manager and asked if there was a B-side I could rework as the A-side is kinda a tricky customer. The reply was to the point shall we say haha, along the lines of “quit bitchin.’ Step up or go home.” So I did go home — home to my studio and sat there for hours trying to get the foundation. I loved the chord progression so once I had that it all fell into place really. The chords are super blissful so I thought I’ll use them as relief for some crazy synth wildness. Chopped up the rap and nailed a driving b-line and voila the result is what you hear.

2. Josh Butler – Switch Off
This is another great production from Josh on his Origins label, which I am a big fan of. Nothing too crazy, just a great groove and vibe that is the perfect start of the set track to get things pumping. Not sure why it’s called Switch Off though, this track is very much Switch ON.

3. Ben Teufel, Alessandro De Tuglie – Do Your Thing (Eskuche)
Few years ago I came across a slew of sick dark groovy beats all made by a producer I’d never heard of called Eskuche. After a few email exchanges, he hit me up with a load of new beats which I showed to Jamie Jones, and he signed him immediately which lead to two huge Hot Creations EPs. This is another typical sick Eskuche production. Awesome groove with just the right amount of darkness. Love it.

4. Sven Tasnadi, Raumakustik – Too Hot
Two big-time acts team up to producer this twisted monster! Peak-time stuff here really does the damage. The first time I played this some guy gurned so hard on the drop he pulled a cheek muscle.

5. Kevin Over – Coop
Beautiful track from a really gifted producer. Lush strings and vocals make this the perfect track to end a set on. Or watch a sunset to. Any form of chilling out in fact!

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