Emerging Brooklyn DJ/Producer/Dusk & Haze Label Boss Sophia Saze Shares 5 Artists Who Inspire Her

Sophia Saze

Espousing a divergent sound that cuts across techno, electro and house, Sophia Saze is a promising talent who is challenging herself to contribute innovative ideas to electronic music.

Born in Tbilisi, Georgia and currently living in Brooklyn, she began working as a DJ/producer six years ago. Last year was an important one for Saze: She christened her nascent Dusk & Haze label by way of her well-received Solace EP, featuring remixes from Benjamin Damage and Umwelt, and contributed her stirring downtempo track “Fall” featuring Iro to Get Physical’s Words Don’t Come Easy compilation. Now she’s simultaneously working to release her full-length debut in 2018 and develop a new live show with laser focus.

After headlining Smartbar Chicago on a bill last Saturday featuring techno titans Paul Fleetwood and Jeff Derringer, Saze is set for back-to-back home town gigs at Good Room with Superpitcher, Axel Boman, JDH, and Heathered Pearls on April 13, and Dusk & Haze label’s night at H0L0 in neighboring Queens, where she’ll be joined by Exos, Mary Yuzovskaya and the aforementioned Mr. Derringer in a rare Big Apple appearance.

Before her big weekend, we asked Saze about artists who’ve influenced her musical point of view.

Led Zeppelin + Robert Plant (melancholic perpetuity)
I knew every Zeppelin song by heart in my high school years. I always related with Robert’s deep lyrical existentialism.

Boards Of Canada (ethereal pads + sonic landscapes)
I’ll never forget the first time I heard Boards Of Canada and the foreign space it took me to.

Arca (performance)
No one does it like Arca. Beyond his unique approach to live performance, I’m a big fan of his studio output. He exemplifies true multi-dimensional artistry.

Drumcell + Droid Records
The first interface event I saw at ADE four years is to this day my favorite immersive experience I’ve seen at a techno event. The LA crew’s visual-centric production was deeply touching for me as well as Dusk & Haze.

Erik Satie
Embodies more of a musical philosophy to me, but also his piano compositions are inspiring to me at the very least. The quote that stuck most something along the lines of “a true musician must be subjugated to his/her art above all, and draw courage from him/herself and him/herself alone.”

Of course there are also influential guys like Lynch & Zimmer, but that’s a whole other discussion.

Image by Alex Black. Styling by Jillian Amos.

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