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Martin Müller and Daniel Stroeter united around 2006/2007 to form youANDme. After producing tracks for labels (Rotary Cocktail, Cocoon, Rekids) and DJing together at clubs all over the world, Stroeter left to pursue a career in architecture. Müller, who runs a handful of labels, continues to helm youANDme as a solo project, championing an eclectic soundscape that’s woven together with threads of house, techno, electronica and dub.

The Berlin-based Müller just released his Pattern of Greed EP on Steve Bug’s much-loved Poker Flat label. The raw title track is a smoldering affair, featuring the soulful voice of Ingrid Arthur, a former member of The Weather Girls (“It’s Raining Men”). The release is rounded out by a wicked remix crafted by Cologne-based producer/Gewölbe Club resident Jonathan Kaspar and the sinewy jam “Stretch.”

Before leaving to play gigs in Australia, Thailand and Switzerland, Müller found time to share his five track of the moment.

1. Emilie Nana – “I Rise” (Danny Krivit Extended Vocal Dub Edit) (Compost Records)
Emilie Nana is a French producer. Her new single “I Rise” on Munich-based label Compost Records is the synonym for self-assertion, as a determined African black woman and an ode to inspiring women, throwing in their energy in order to transform themselves. I really like music with a strong message and what New York City legend Danny Krivit did with his great edits is kind of magic because he transports Nana’s message in a beautiful way to the dance floor.


2. Kenny Larkin – “Stepback” (KMS)
It’s a bit weird with this great track. Last September, there was a Resident Advisor announcement that “Stepback” will be the new KMS [release] by Kenny and it should be [out] end of October 2017 but it’s still not released. It’s the same track which should be included at Soma 25 compilation as Slam – “Stepback” (Kenny Larkin Panic Room Remix) but it’s also not available to buy. There are a lot of rumors about this story and I don’t know what is true. Anyway, it’s one of Kenny’s best works and a real dance floor destroyer!

3. Cassy x Art Alfie – “Solar” (Kwench)
For the third release of Kwench Records Cassy collaborates with Art Alfie. I’m a big fan of their work and this record is no exception. They deliver a touch of class with Cassy’s distinct vocals, a groovy bassline, some chords and a strong jacking beat. “Solar” works every time I play it. No matter where, people can feel the hypnotic vibe.


4. Art Of Tones – “I Just Can’t (Get Over It)” (Terrence Parker Remix) (Local Talk)
Here you can find some remix magic from Detroit’s Terrence Parker. He is taking one of the best tracks on Local Talk by super-talented Art Of Tones and adds his own deep drive and unique style. The original elements are draped with a sparkling synth sheen and given just an extra bit of energy in the piano-primed groove. Quintessential dance floor power!

5. Eagles & Butterflies – “The Last Dance” (Art Imitating Life)
Maybe it’s a bit boring to take one of the most hyped the tracks of the last few weeks but it’s definitely the track of the moment. “The Last Dance” showcases trademark chords and LFO modulated arpeggio sequences backed with emotional pads and strings. The crowd always goes wild if I play it and it’s most of the times a highlight of every set.

Darren Ressler

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