2017 Rewind: Oscar L

Oscar L

How was 2017 for you? 
Oscar L: 2017 was a good year with good gigs in new countries and my first release on Truesoul. I can say it was a positive year!

My goal for the year was my release on Truesoul,. I have been working a lot to sign it there because is one of my fave labels and finally I did! The whole EP was on the charts amazing

A couple of places where I prefer not to come back to play!

Song of the year?
Uff! It’s not easy. Patrice Bäumel’s “Sorcery” (Original Mix)

What’s your New Year’s resolution? 
I want to keep working even more hard if it’s posible, trying to do best person and trying to see only the important things, not only the business. 🙂

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