2017 Rewind: Flashmob

Vitali Gelwich Flashmob

How was 2017 for you? 
Flashmob: Was a really interesting and intense one. Many things have changed in my project, and I am now ready with a new flow of music for the next season.

Certainy my release on Toolroom but now I have Snatch! in December then Kompakt in January with a collaboration with Terranova, and then Hot Creation in the new year … plus three remixes that I am really proud of: one for DJ Hell on Gigolo, one for Romanthony on Glasgow Underground, and one for Marshall Jefferson as Sleezy D on Freakin’909.

I’d rather not talk of my personal life but I was out of the game for four months this year for some really serious personal stuff. Life is life and we all have to deal with it and move on … happy to say I have now moved on. 🙂

Song of the year?
Bollen & Fichtner’s “Better Call Paul”

What’s your New Year’s resolution? 
To eat less dark chocolate


Darren Ressler

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