2017 Rewind: Pablo del Monte

Pablo del Monte

How was 2017 for you?
Pablo del Monte: 2017 was a transitional year for me. I started the year much like 2016 with a string of releases that tickled the dance music charts on labels such as In The Loop and my own label, East Recordings. However, I had a realization early this year that I need to be releasing on the big labels to make the transition from a solid producer/DJ to one who is reaching the upper echelons of the Beatport charts and getting the bigger gigs.

My track disco-tech track “It Reminds Me of When” on Lupe Fuentes’ label In The Loop. It was one of those pieces of music that I was not thinking of releasing but was advised to do so by one of my advisors. It was my first track to go top 20. It’s interesting that often we are the worst judges of the quality of our own music.

I’ve recently moved from London to Bristol and during the transition period most of my studio has been in boxes and I’ve been working on a laptop with headphones. The move is now complete and my studio is up and running again.

Song of the year?
Camelphat feat. Elderbrook’s “Cola.” I was driving in the car the other day and I heard this on daytime mainstream radio. It’s been a long time since an underground house track has got into the main charts in the UK. Such a well-crafted piece of music.

What’s you New Year’s resolution?
I’ve decided to release fewer tracks but to focus on high quality. I’ve been writing material for the last six months that I’ve deliberately held back until they are as good as they can be with a view to releasing on the ‘big’ labels.

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