2017 Rewind: Gary Beck


How was 2017 for you?
Gary Beck: It’s been another great year with some excellent shows along the way. I recently became a father too which has been pretty tiring, yet so fulfilling.

There were many excellent shows; however, one that sticks in my mind was Cordoba in Argentina. The club was packed and the vibe was extra special. It was my birthday that day and the whole crowd sang “Happy Birthday” to me, which is something I’ll never forget, especially as it was my first time there.

Walking headfirst into a wall in Amsterdam after having a few too many! The bruise was huge and probably deserved!

Song of the year?
I recently received a track by Dast called “Invictus” which could be the one. Huge tune.

What’s your New Years resolution?
I don’t bother with that anymore. I can hardly make it one hour after the bells without ruining my resolution!
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