2017 Rewind: Local Suicide


How was 2017 for you?
Local Suicide: 2017 was our busiest year by far since we started DJing together almost 10 years ago. We played 60+ gigs and used most of our spare time to work on new releases with befriended producers like Mijo, Curses, Franz Matthews, Lee Stevens, Bufi, Inigo Vontier and Thomass Jackson, among others.

Definitely our “Abu Dhabi” / “True Love Floats” 12” release with Rodion on My Favorite Robot Records with remixes by Fairmont, Moscoman and Los Mekanikos. We were stoked with all the amazing feedback and media coverage. We also really enjoyed our trip to Iceland in the beginning of the summer. We had the time in between gigs in Reykjavik to do the round of the island and get to see some of Iceland’s stunning natural wonders.

As we were in Berlin only a few weekends this summer we weren’t really able to spend much time with our Berlin family. Also, we missed ADE this year which was a shame.

Song of the year?
Alien Alien feat. Igino’s “Perfdidia”

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
To get all the half and almost finished tracks done and finally release them!

@Local Suicide

Darren Ressler

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