2017 Rewind: Squalloscope


How was 2017 for you?
Squalloscope: 2017 was over so fast. What happened? I spent a lot of time being angry in productive ways. I spent most my time working and creating things. I didn’t leave the house enough and cooked up a nice batch of existential dread. Still, it was better than 2016!

I released an album that I am proud of and I realized how many outstanding, kind, and warm humans I can count as my friends.

The power-hungry money-fueled everything outside that bubble of kindness and warmth.

Song of the year?
Picking just one seems a bit cruel. This year felt gloomy, and Tank and the Banga’s “Boxes and Squares” was a necessary ray of sunshine.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
I need to spend more time outside to just look at the sky.


Yehouda Silverman

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