2017 Rewind: Vessels


How was 2017 for you?
Full of family, friends, love and music.

Releasing our fourth album was a pretty huge personal achievement, one that was not without its challenges. But it feels great to have put it out there.

I guess the unfolding of the Trump presidency and the onward march of Brexit mean that politics has had its fair share of downers. Nice to see the people of Alabama show that not all hope is lost. I think, generally speaking, humanity tended to head toward greater justice and fairness for most people, but there are dark stretches along the way and I think we’re in one of those right now. Also, they exposure of Weinstein and men like him has been pretty sobering, but the flip side is that we seem to be entering a new period in out culture where sexual assault is no longer tolerated. So out of that lowlight comes a high.

Song of the year?
Lana Del Rey’s “13 Beaches”

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?
Keep writing new music, more collaboration, more adventure. Does that count as one?


Darren Ressler

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