2017 Rewind: Galaxians


How was 2017 for you?
Matt Woodward: In terms of Galaxians a really memorable one. It’s important to feel like the band has momentum, that we’re moving forward. I never like feeling static especially when it comes to music so it’s important to feel a sense of movement and flux I think. Writing good music is always the key to a sense of achievement, year on year. I’d say that we always like to look forward and to feel excited about what might be coming next.

The release of our first album and our first tour as a trio. This year has been a year of new achievements which feel pretty major, I guess. We’ve stretched out a bit, made our first proper album, a pop video, stuff like that. On a personal level touring is the highlight of any year as it presents opportunities to meet new people and make new friends, and to experience cultures outside your own. Music can be a great facilitator of adventure.

I prefer to concentrate on the positives and look forward in general, to focus my energies into creating the next highlights and to not dwell or obsess too much on the lowlights. That’s not to say I choose to ignore the not-so-good stuff, because I think that’s folly!

Song of the year?
There’s always far too much good music to discover or re-discover for me to choose a single favourite song in any given year! Plus, I go through phases where I don’t buy any brand new music for a while, just older stuff. That could mean anything from a year to 30 years. And I like different songs for different reasons so it’s not really the case that one song is better than another but just different. At the moment I am giving the song “Sauchiehall Withdrawal” by Golden Teacher some serious rotation though.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Don’t believe in them. Imposing things like that on one’s self just creates pressure and anxiety. I prefer to just try and work on things I want to improve in my own life if and when and as much as I can year to year. One thing I would like to do is to start being less of a coward about things I should speak up about and try not to let fear dominate my actions as much. In terms of bands I guess I always want to try and do more, whether that means playing more shows, starting another band or project, or deejaying more, or whatever. Just more good stuff, generally, always.


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