2017 Rewind: Black Booby


How was 2017 for you?
Richard Rogers (a.k.a. Black Booby): A bit of a rollercoaster to be honest. Our 13th release was a Record Store Day exclusive comprised of a set of tracks that spanned back through my musical heritage. It was amazing to hear them finally make it to the magical black wax!

The new studio! Completely designed from scratch and built/renovated from an old outbuilding, the main mission was to create a relaxed, ergonomical space that sounded right and provided a comfortable space to wallow away the hours (days, months, years…).

Not getting to see Larry Heard play live in London during the summer (but he is back in December so all is not lost!)

Song of the year?
Omar S featuring Nite Jewel’s “Confess To U.” He literally keeps moving up a notch on every release. Detroit has always been the most important part of the world musically to me and I have everything I love in music to thank that city for. Second would be that KMFH 7”. Super dope!

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Start firing on all cylinders again with releases. The new studio is going to bring Black Booby V2 into play. Time to jam the box harder.

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