Sébastien Léger 5 Tracks of the Moment

Sébastien Léger

With two decades of producing and DJing under his belt, house music stalwart and modular master Sébastien Léger continues his unwavering dedication to bringing innovative ideas the genre and dance floor.

Case in point is his recently released Model D EP on Marc Romboy’s revered Systematic label, a title we suspect is an homage to the iconic Minimoog Model D.

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The three-track effort finds Léger presenting a cinematic soundscape of suspenseful synth-driven shenanigans, ranging in Sébastien Léger to straight-up floor fillers.

Constantly curating upfront tracks, we checked in with Léger and asked him to share his five new tracks of the moment.

Davi – Distant Memory (Kindisch)
Davi is one of those rare producers who I always look forward to for their new releases. His sound is so warm and round and there is always a super nice ethnic vibe, which is something I’ve been a sucker for years. This track represents his talent at its best, great production skills and fantastic atmosphere.

Henry Saiz – Piramidal (Culprit)
Released recently on the excellent Los Angeles-based label Culprit, Henry delivers what he does best in my opinion: a slight touch of progressive with little bit of funk and vibes. Henry has a very specific way of mixing tracks which stands out from the rest; it’s edgy and warm at the same time.

Joseph Ashworth – Dominika (Get Weird)
I didn’t know about Joseph Ashworth’s work before this release, which is out on one of Lee Burridge’s labels, Get Weird. The track has a nice swing and good feel. It’s groovy and happy. The break with the piano is well done and when it kicks back, it just feels so good! It’s the sort of track I like to drop out of nowhere in the middle of my set to break the linearity and brings back softness.

Markus Homm – Dance with Me (Poker Flat)
This is what I call ‘elegant tech-house.’ Translation: it’s got the groove of house but with the energy of techno, and it’s smart at the same time. The vocals are well placed in the track and doesn’t overwhelm the tune too much, nice simple synths stabs chords. One of those track that pleases all kinds of crowds because it has it all.

German Brigante – Electombo (Manitox)
The perfect club DJ tool – it has that perfect groove, is super funky and sounds real good on a big sound system. I don’t often play that sort of style anymore in my set, but if I do then it has to be groovy like this.

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