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In March we premiered “Plant Deltagema Process” off Dutch DJ/producer/Lessismore boss Gideon Hommes‘ (a.k.a Alexis Tyrel) second full-length, Return To Planet Alpha, an album that was five years in the making.

He told us, “Return To Planet Alpha is sort of a time travel to me; it is about going back to the roots of the Lessismore label and maybe more. Unlike other albums I did on Kanzleramt, Sino (never released, for unknown reasons), Lessismore, Anticlub, and Minimalplus. This album is a more classical ‘techno’ album, which was created more than 10 years ago around the period of doing a Lessismore label Night at Ostgut Berghain. An interview with Ben Klock triggered me to record it at the end of last year.”

This week presents his In For A Penny In For A Pound EP featuring a collaboration with MBC called “Cocaïne By The Pound” and remix by German Duo Smash TV. A music lover with boundless passion for good tunes, Hommes shares five tracks he’s loving at the moment.

1. Ben Buitendijk – “Transcended Being”
Doing some work at home and this great upcoming EP from Ben Buitendijk helps me to get the job done. He is one of my contacts at Triple. Keep up the good work, Ben!

2. Idealist – “Tail Of Two”
Staying in the dub vibe and having in mind my upcoming album on Lessismore. This guy is one to benchmark your dub to. Really like the music this guy makes. This one has recently been re-pressed. Very nice.

3. Derrick May – “Kaotic Harmony”
Taking you from some dub to some Detroit trance — sorry, techno — I could not find a link of the upcoming remix of Kao-Tic Harmony, this remix is going to be released soon, looking forward to it! For now here is the original.

4. Boris Brejcha – “Sad But True”
After listening to Transmat, we go to something that is different but similar to me. Really like this Boris Brejcha track. Very nice [to listen to] when driving in the car on a sunny day.

5. Boris Brejcha – “Lichtspielhaus”
And where am I driving too, to friends to keep in the Boris Brejcha vibe because the girls always like this.

Darren Ressler

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