Hermanez 5 Tracks of the Moment


For the past decade Michael Coninx (a.k.a Hermanez) has been refining his techy signature on releases for top labels including ViVA Music, Leena Music, Noir, Suara, Serkal Music, and Inmotion Music. Currently co-running Aella Music with fellow Belgian Ramon Tapia, Conix’s sound has come into its own in 2017

This spring alone he presented his sleek three-track Chaologic EP on Trapez Ltd. and remixed Daniele Di Martino & Solvane’s anthemic “Daarp” on The Plot Music.

And that’s only the tip of the musical iceberg because he’s about to release more new music on Circle Music, AdMaiora, My Favourite Freaks, and Bad Barbie Records.

A well-traveled DJ who has rocked dance floors from Barcelona to Tokyo, we asked Conix to weigh in on five songs he’s currently including in his sets.

1. OXIA – “Domino Robag’s Ewel Xmohl Nb”
The original version chased me for years in my head after playing it in every set. I was so stunned with Robag’s remix … it has the soul of the original, but a story on its own.

2. Archie Hamilton – “Channelled”
A track I’m going to play all summer long, Archie has his typical sound which is very addictive for me. He has released so much good music.

3. Konstantin Sibold – “Mutter”
A track from 2016, but it’s still chasing me. Such a lovely hypnotic track. Sometimes a track doesn’t need much to have a “tune.” This is just one of them.

4. Joeski – “What is Dub Love?”
I have so much vinyl from this pal. Joeski is just a die-hard producer. This track contains all the elements that people need to move their feet.

5. Francesca Lombardo – “Remembrance” (La Fleur Remix)
An amazing hypnotic groover and a great remix from the already known original version from last year.

Darren Ressler

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