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When we last checked in with Berlin via Toronto via Romania DJ/producer/Kuukou Records boss lady Simina Grigoriu back in October, we premiered Munich-based Julian Wasserman‘s rousing remix of her track “Shook Up.” Since then she’s been keeping busy, refining her driving techno sound and thinking about her next musical move.

It didn’t take long because Grigoriu has just released her Makibishi EP, a three-track affair featuring remixes by Prudo and Wille zum Wahnsinn (a.k.a. Max Manie and Simon Panosch), on Kuukou (which us gaijins should know means “airport” in Japanese). It’s also the ninth release on her aforementioned imprint.

Now that the release is out and making waves among her peers, we checked in once again with Grigoriu and asked her to share some of her favorite upfront tracks.

1. Charnaux – “Fatal” (Original Mix) (Kuukou Records)
I just love this track. It’s one of my favorites on my little techno label, Kuukou, and quite impressive as Charnaux’s debut release. Strong on the dance floor. Good stuff.

2. Torsten Kanzler – “Underdog” (Simina Grigoriu Remix)
I am honored to have worked with Torsten and TKR. The track is driving the entire time. High energy and a bassline that won’t quit. It’s gotten some really good feedback from the listeners. The original is mind-blowing too!

3. Cosmic Boys – “Titan” (Original Mix) (Scander)
Fresh off of Cosmic Boys’ label, Scander, this track embodies their sound perfectly. It’s dark and gritty and I just love it.

4. Mladen Tomic – “Riffs” (Original Mix) (Terminal M)
High energy bouncy techno. You cannot help but start dancing to this. One of the most successful tracks out this year so far. Will be playing it all summer long. Yep.

5. Nesker – “City Lights” (Moe Danger Remix)
Although I am essentially a purely techno DJ, I had to include this one because of the quality of its production, groovy sound and because I really appreciate Moe Danger’s new label, Motherbot. Melodies move the world and this track is awesome.

Darren Ressler

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