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DJ Marc Baker

German DJ/producer/indie label mogul Marc Baker’s roots in punk rock and acid house allow him to bring a unique perspective on techno. The force behind the young labels Kippschalter Recordings and Baltic.Dub and a producer since 2013, his copiously crafted output often skews to the darker side of the musical spectrum.

Fresh from releasing his hardihitting Hexentrommel EP on Kippschalter in January, which features remixes by Tag & Wandrach and Coeter One, we asked Baker to share his five favorite records of the moment.

Michael Schwarz – “She Doesn’t Ask For”
Originally released in 2014, I discovered this track in 2016 and fell in love with the concentrated raw energy immediately. This track has enormous suspense and lets the dance floor explode ecstatically.

Josh – “Deeply Contented”
This track from my friend Josh is a landmark in the history of my imprint, Kippschalter. But we nearly would had lost or forgotten this track by preparing the release. All the better that it smashed. Richie Hawtin and many more toured with it around the world and played the biggest festivals.

Noizyknobs – “Bolarius _IX”
What can I say? This track was released in August 2016. When I heard it for the first time, it clicked in my head. So much darkness, a pure track which rose from the hell of techno. I get goosebumps whenever I’ve got this track in my set. It’s great art, and I’m thankful for this work which is physically and emotionally moving to me.

Nastia Reigel – “Figures in Brine”
A slightly quieter song which you can play at the beginning of the evening. I like the smoothly apathetic, degenerated and penetrating voice. This track reaches its peak and can be combined with nearly everything.

Tensal – “Eco 1”
Released in the end of 2015, it is my loyal companion. This track is elaborately produced and always banishes the audience. The dominating synth line is nearly hypnotic. It is also in my racing bike playlist, “Free Your Mind.”

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