Petar Dundov​ 5 Tracks of the Moment


Few artists deliver gorgeous, melodic masterpieces like Petar Dundov. This month the Croatian DJ/producer released “The Lattice,” which is the lead single from his fifth album, At The Turn of Equilibrium, out now on Music Man. Oozing with warm bass and gentle grooves, the emotionally-charged gem is perfect summertime listening. We checked in with the master and asked him to tell us about five tracks he’s currently living for.

1. Malbetrieb – “Meun”
Chapter 24 has been releasing very cool twelve-inches​ for some time now, and ​this ​new Malbetrieb EP is not to be missed. This one is​ a​ ​techno​ ​soundtrack ​for everyone who is into musical storytelling, walking on the edge between minimalism and free improvisation. Just pure bliss.

2. Secret Cinema – “Timeless Altitude” (Heiko Laux Remix)
​I’ve​ been​ a fan of​ Heiko’s ​work for​ many years, but when he takes the remixer role with​ ​Secret Cinema’s ​​legendary ​track “Timeless Altitude” you can expect something big. While riding on a pulsing groove with​ a​ recognizable main chord theme, he was able to deliver ​the ​best of his signature sounds buzzing around your head. Perfect companion when you want to hit the big stages.


3. Mike Griego – “Idioglossia”
As summertime is here this is one great uplifting track you can drop in the morning when​ the​ sun is just about to rise. Amazing groove, wonderfully crafted percussion and dreamy synths are ​a ​true recipe for pure fun. This one never fails to ​bring​ a big smile ​to​ people’s faces.

4. Conforce – “Dark Days”
If you like Detroit vibes as much as I do, then don’t miss this one. ​Conforce​ is always able to deliver fantastic synth lines​ and ​this time​ he’s out​ done​ himself. While digging deeply in to​ his​ 909 drums, he tops it with crazy synth melody, jamming around throughout the whole track. A real must have EP for all techno lovers.

​5. Larisse Van Doorn – “Borg Space” (Original Mix)
This is a true gem from Larisse Van Doorn. ​The atmosphere of this track is really amazing,​ the bassline is ​immense and ​the tension ​slowly​ ​until it reaches climax ​using a​ simple up stepped melody. This is a pure definition of a floor destroying track.​ I​ just love it.

Darren Ressler

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