Moonbootica 5 Tracks of the Moment


Hamburg house DJs KoweSix (Oliver Kowalski) and Tobitob (Tobias Schmidt) have been making production magic together as Moonbootica since 1999, releasing much of their work via their Moonbootique label. On the production front they have a lot in the pipeline, including a pair of EPs for Bunny Tiger (June 13) and Armada Deep (July 28). In addition to working on their upcoming fourth full-length album, much-anticipated sets at Feel This! at Off Week, Barcelona on June 17 and Moonbootica Open Air 2016 in Hamburg on June 26 mark what will be another busy summer for the pair. Before it all kicked off we connected with the duo and asked them to share their five songs of the moment.

1. Nico Pusch – “Get Me”
This is the latest release on our label, Moonbootique. The whole package is just great with three dope remixes, but we prefer the Original. Push’s journey into deepness touches you with a heavy, dark but also gentle and blissful feel. Loving to play this in the early morning hours.

2. Sirens Of Lesbos – “Happy Hunting Ground”
This is a very special tune for us. The ’70s vibe is fantastic and gives this instant warm feeling inside. Even with some really cheesy details it never gets lame. It seriously makes me wanna get naked and dance in the early morning sunshine. One of the best tracks Exploited has put out.

3. Dorade – “Argonoid”
This is the release right after our last one, “Above Your Trouble,” on Formatik. It’s a beast. Dorade is leaving the track almost empty but the beat and bassline create one hell of a groove that’ll burn down every house. Always appreciate tracks like this which allow you to change direction without people even noticing.

4. Teenage Mutants & Lars Moston – “Doso”
Two old friends of ours released this hit. I think it’s a deep house number one by now on one of our favorite labels, Katermukke. This tune is actually the perfect deep house track nowadays. It has a strong but yet a tasteful beat, intense bassline and a somehow popular sample. But when most producers get lost generic in soundalikes these guys just deliver quality.

5. Waze & Odyssey – “Ride My Truck”
Since we loved Waze & Odyssey’s track “On The Download” we instantly fell in love with their new tune, “Ride My Truck.” They just took one of the most famous samples in house music and pumped it up with their signature don’t-give-a-f*** hi-hat terrorism and monster beat. The whole thing is ridiculous. And awesome. One of the highlights of our recent sets.

Darren Ressler

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