Francesca Belmonte’s 5 Tracks of the Moment


A protégé and kinded musical spirit of Bristol legend Tricky, newcomer Francesca Belmonte turned heads in a big way when she appeared along with Mykki Blanco on the Knowle West Boy’s “Lonnie Listen,” a striking track featuring her epic line “Exercise everyday and I’m still not fit / my kids are hungry and I ain’t got shit.”

Next month Belmonte, who also appeared on “Tribal Drums” found on Tricky’s False Idols, steps out with her full-length debut, Anima, set for release on her mentor’s label. Over the course of the album’s 15 smoldering tracks Belmonte cuts a distinctive style, one where her soulful, emotional and plaintive vocals expand and contract against a backdrop etched out with elements of soul and electronic music.

We checked in with the songstress in advance of the release of Anima to find out five of her favorite songs of the moment.

Francesca Belmonte’s Anima is out June 2, 2015 on False Idols.

1. Tirzah – “No Romance”
I am just in love with her voice. It’s authentic and earthy, full of emotion and kind of sparkly and rich. I love this song. Its simplicity is perfect.

2. Inca – “Wake Me Up”
Pretty song by a gorgeous girl. I’ve known Inca for a long time; she’s a good woman with lots more to share soon.

3. Tricky – “Valentine” (Andy Stott Remix)
I love what Andy Stott did with this track. It’s become even more haunting and unsettling than the original.

4. Låpsley – “Station”
She was on the Mojo ‘New faces of 2015’ with me. I listened to some of her stuff after that and came across this on her SoundCloud. I’m a sucker for a sad melody like this. The delivery is beautifully measured, calm surrender.

5. Helsinki feat. Emma Gillespie – “Keys”
I saw them do this live at the 100 Club album launch a couple of months ago and it was stunning. Their voices compliment one another perfectly, and although it’s a sad song it makes me feel strangely hopeful.

Darren Ressler

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