Steve Huerta’s 5 Tracks of the Moment

Steve Huerta

March saw London’s Needwant present Traxx – Vol. 2 – My House is Your House helmed by Anna Walls, a sublime deep-house DJ mix compilation featuring an array of subterranean musical offerings by luminaries including Bicep, Detroit Swindle and Dusky as well as tracks from talented newcomers like young Polish producer Klaves and LA’s Evan Iff. Berlin-via-Los Angeles mixmaster Steve Huerta‘s “RomComCrime” is one of the exclusive jams off the compendium, and it’s a gem. Since this mix has been in heavy rotation here for weeks at Big Shot’s HQ, we checked in Huerta to find out which five songs he’s currently loving with at the moment.

Steve Huerta & Urulu’s 25 Cent Color EP is released April 13, 2015 on Dirt Crew. Traxx – Vol. 2 – My House is Your House is out now on Needwant.

1. Mandar – “Wet Paul” 
Can’t get enough of this tune at the moment. The track is super simple but incredibly effective. I love how the melody is driven by the pitched hi-hats — add some lush pads and bubbly bassline for support and done! Great stuff from the Frenchmen.

2. Stefan Ringer – The Fix EP
Don’t know much about this guy except that he’s from Atlanta, which is a pretty unlikely place to have developed house beats as groovy as this. The EP is smooth as butter all the way through. Really nice R&B and soul influence all over this stuff, and there are especially nice vocals on “IFY.”

3. Nail – “Stay With Me”
Nail needs no introduction. The dude has been churning out house bombs for who knows how long. It’s been cool to see so much new and re-released stuff coming out recently, notably on Shabby Doll Records. This double EP with eight originals shows all facets of great Nail tunes. But my fave of the bunch is definitely “Stay With Me.”

4. Lawrence – Manhattan EP

I became a big fan of Lawrence after seeing him play at Panorama Bar last year. I was intrigued by the patience in his stripped back selections. Simple moody melodies and percussion that provided just enough to really move the dance floor. His productions work much in the same way. Just picked up this record. “Manhattan” is a bomb!

5. Hashman Deejay – “Mozaic”
Much like Hashman Deejay’s other tracks, “Mosaic” is a lengthy journey through layers of subtle percussion and fluttery melodies. I always find myself wondering how 12 minutes could have gone by so quickly. I’ve been really loving this guy’s output all-around. He seems like the type of artist who truly makes no compromises.

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