Anna Wall’s 5 Tracks of the Moment


What drives London-based DJ/producer Anna Wall? Fresh new music!

Embracing an inclusive musical ethos that’s rooted in discovery, she’s always in search of the next club classic because, hey, you never know when you’re going to discover it, right?

Wall’s open-minded ethos is the driving force behind her gorgeously deep Traxx – Vol. 2 – My House is Your House compendium released on London house music label Needwant. On the compilation Wall serves up cuts from a plethora of notables including Bicep, Detroit Swindle and Dusky as well as tracks from talented newcomers like young Polish producer Klaves and LA’s Evan Iff.

Always on the hunt for new music and fresh beats, we asked Ms. Wall to share her five favorite tracks of the moment.

Traxx – Vol. 2 – My House is Your House is released digitally on March 23.

1. Dorisburg – “Trust” (Aniara Recordings)
One half of Genius Of Time, I find there’s always an air of mystery around Alexander Berg’s releases. Anything he releases on the imprint Aniara Recordings that he runs alongside Swedish counterparts Nils and Fabian for me is absolute gold. Love the mesmerizing vocals of ‘Trust” and the rest of the EP is the type of deep, dark and hypnotic beats that I adore.

2. John Daly – “Desake” (Love Fever Records)
The first party I ever went to in Berlin was Love Fever with Citizen — that weekend will go down in history, and I’ve not looked back since! Always quality releases from this UK label, and “Desake” has been a staple in my sets of late; a gorgeous slow burner for any time of day or night.

3. Paxton Fettel – “The Secret Ingredient Is Crime” (Apersonal Music)
I absolutely adore everything about Paxton Fettel. Not only his humble manner, but the way every track is so beautifully crafted and transcends all trends or fads. All of his productions are timeless jams that I want to listen to forever, such as these Curtis and Erika sampled disco gems.

4. Urulu – “Heaven Unlimited” (Needwant Records/Shabby Doll Records)
First heard this in a Detroit Swindle mix and I was hooked after that. Originally released on Sheffield based Shabby Doll Records, and now also has a home on the Needwant Traxx 2 compilation.

5. Slow Learner – Tyranny Of Fun EP (FINA Records)
Forthcoming on FINA Records, this is a perfect lazy hazy summer EP for me. Sweeping synths and tight-ass drums on “Honey” plus the dreamy melody on “Cupboard Love” are perfect for some sunshine daze.

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