Nicole Moudaber Set to Unleash Her Inner Feline at Electric Zoo

Nicole Moudaber DJing with Carl Cox

What a summer it’s been so far for Nicole Moudaber. She’s brought her deep, dark sound to some of the world’s best festivals, clubs and parties, launched her In the MOOD radio show, released “Rooted” in June on Drumcode Records and it ain’t over by a long shot.

The Nigerian-born, London-based Lebanese techno titan just dropped a smoking hot remix of Carl Cox’s “Kommen Zusammen” culled from the legend’s most recent album, All Roads Lead To The Dancefloor. On her re-rub — her fifth effort for Cox’s Intec Digital imprint — she so goes for the jugular with an interpretation that builds to the point where you’re ready to cry mercy.

In advance of a string of North American DJ dates, including her return to New York City’s Electric Zoo festival, we connected with Moudaber and got the lowdown on her musical exploits this summer, remixing Carl Cox and why the Big Apple remains a special place for this globetrotter.

As an added bonus, we’re happy to present her lost Big Shot Guest Mix from 2011. Like fine wine, her mix is better with age.

Big Shot Guest Mix: Nicole Moudaber by Big Shot Magazine on Mixcloud

Nicole Moudaber’s remix of Carl Cox’s “Kommen Zusammen” is out now on Intec Digital. Catch her at Electric Zoo on Randall’s Island on August 31.

How’s your been summer been so far? Where have you been and what’s been the best moment on the road?
Nicole Moudaber: Off the hook so far. I’m really enjoying the festivals as well as the club shows. Ibiza has been incredible, [playing] with Jamie Jones at his Paradise party at DC-10 and Space Ibiza with my man Carl Cox. I literally just got back from a massive night there with a back-to-back with Carl. We played all night — it was one for the books for sure — as well as Amnesia Ibiza with Marco Carola, closing Dance Valley festival in Amsterdam, my six-hour set at Cacao Beach in Bulgaria. Touring all [over] Europe this summer is pretty intense this summer, but I’m certainly loving every moment. The excitement is rising for closing out Electric Zoo in New York, my favorite city in the world, and I can’t wait for this moment.

You’re booked to play Electric Zoo once again. Describe a little some of your past experiences playing EZ?
I played EZoo three years ago. I was meant to play again but the [final day of the] event didn’t happen, unfortunately. I did Sunday School in Miami three years ago which was incredible. I’m really hyped up for this year’s festival. The feline in me is waiting to be unleashed, after all, the Zoo is the place to get wild. [smiles]

You’ve remixed Carl Cox’s “Kommen Zusammen.” Tell us the story of the remix and how it came together. Think there’s a chance you’ll drop it at Electric Zoo?!
Carl approached me to remix his single from the album. I did it a few months back, and I’ve been playing it everywhere. It’s proper heads down techno track — deep and tough — [and the remix] works well pitched down and also at massive festivals. I will be dropping it for sure at EZoo. The title is in German and means come with me.

What have been your experiences playing in NYC over the years and how has the city changed in your view? How do Big Apple’s fans compare to other cities you frequently visit?
It’s coming back to a full circle now. NYC was the hub of electronic dance music a few years back until Mayor Guiliani cleaned up the city. Now I see it buzzing again with clubs opening everywhere like Output, Verboten, Sankeys NYC and soon Space Ibiza NYC. The festivals taking place in the states are on a massive scale — it puts Europe to shame. The kids want credible music and the time is now. There’s not much difference with the fans I notice. People react to music the same way all over the world: when the music is good it reaches the deepest part of the souls in each and every one of us no matter where you’re from. We all have the same feelings and that’s the beauty of what we do — we give experiences to people to enjoy and have memorable times at one particular night or morning.

“People react to music the same way all over the world: when the music is good it reaches the deepest part of the souls in each and every one of us no matter where you’re from.”

It’s time to put you on the spot. Which NYC DJ and producer has influenced you the most?
Danny Tenagila. I say it without even thinking about it.

What’s your favorite NYC label and why?
Strictly Rhythm. I have all their releases on vinyl. Proper US house label with many classic gems on there. Can’t wait to pull them all out of my storage!!

Nicole Moudaber In the MOOD mix show

Favorite film about or book based in NYC?
Taxi Driver.

What’s next for you in terms of new music and travel?
I’m still working on projects with Skin and Zebra Katz as well as a collaboration with Green Velvet at the moment. I’ve got a release planned for end of September on my label, mood, with an EP from Joel Mull as well as myself called “The Whippin’ I’m Dishin’” with Gary Beck and Robert Dietz remixes. I’m planning a warehouse party in London on October 17 with guests to be announced soon. So many amazing shows coming up in the states and Europe this fall I can’t wait to tell you more about them in time. [smiles]

What’s the best thing about being Nicole Moudaber?
No shades of grey [and being] very straight forward.

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