D/R/U/G/S’s 5 Artists of the Moment


D/R/U/G/S is the musical endeavor of Manchester, England-based Callum Wright, a sonic architect who brings a combination of attitude and post-punk swagger to his gorgeous productions which he impeccably tailors for the dance floor and beyond.

Though he’s far from prolific (not a bad thing, if you ask us), Wright’s euphoric 2012 single “The Source of Light” — which featured choice remixes by Daniel Avery and Max Cooper — and his soulful re-rub of James Wolf’s “Heart & Soul” serve as best practices in creativity within his chosen genre.

After touching base with him for our feature “Moby Interviewed By His Remixers” — Wright asked Moby about transcendental meditation — we checked in with the talented Mancunian and asked him to share his five favorite artists of the moment.

1. Leon Vynehall
Ultimate comedown tunes. My go-to guy for after-party noises.

2. Stephen Bodzin
King of ambient techno. All of his synthapellas are out of this world.

3. Iron Galaxy
Not heard from this guy recently. Hope he’s still alive.

4. DD Elle
No idea who or what this is. Someone linked me a while back. Nice and chill.

5. Jerome LOL
Big fan of all his remixes especially. I’ve been playing the Thomas Barfod one out for months.

Darren Ressler

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