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If you’re wondering why it’s been an usually hot summer, well, odds are good that Oliver $ has something to do with the heat wave. Currently about to embark on a U.S. tour supporting his red-hot collaboration “Pushing On” forged with Jimi Jules, the German mixmaster will bring his fiery turntable magic to a trio of clubs in America this week, returning to play four stateside gigs in September.

Currently prepping the release of his upcoming artist album, a track with man of the moment Seven Davis, Jr. and a collaboration with Jesse Rose for Play It Down’s forthcoming Community compilation out in September, Oliver is one busy guy. We checked in with the house maestro and asked him to share his five favorite tracks of the moment on SoundCloud.

Oliver $ plays Kingdom in Austin on July 17, Bang Bang in San Diego on July 18 and Monarch in San Francisco on July 19.

1. Jesse Rose – “Fly Tonight”
This is Jesse’s latest track con his label, Play It Down, part of the Made To Play family. I’ve released on both before and Made To Play has really helped get me to where I am today. This track is really cool, I think, and it reminds me of the French scene. I think it’ll go big this summer.

2. Joel Alter – “I Feel You”
This is probably my favorite from the Silence Is Golden EP on Bass Culture Records, which came out in 2011. He’s a proper talented guy and his stuff with Henrik Jonsson is different and awesome. Their album 2 is the best to chill to.

3. Mattei & Omich – “Drop the Bomb”
This had to be on my top 5 — it’s such a cool track with a proper disco feel to it. It’s got such a groovy base throughout; really cool. It came out on Metropolitan Limited early 2013, with their other track “Feel The Groove” which is also awesome.

4. Sasse – “Sunshine Shiver”
Sasse is a good friend, and I just did a party with him at Sonar the other week for Moodmusic. The label has been going for like 18 years or something now and it keeps on getting better. I really like this track and think Sasse is a top guy.

5. Jimi Jules – “Earl”
Obviously, I had to include my bro Jimi. This was released on the Earl EP late last year along on Hive Audio with the track we did together, “Soggy Cereal.” Working with him is great, and we’ve released “Pushing On” together a couple months ago. I think he’s going to be really big real soon.

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