Emika’s 5 Songs of the Moment on SoundCloud


Berlin-based British DJ/producer/songwriter Emika blew our minds a year ago when she presented an enthralling cover of Chris Isaak’s haunting ’90s pop classic “Wicked Game” on her 2013 album Dva, one of two full-lengths she’s released on Ninja Tune. Since then the one-named phenom has continued her musical explorations, one that pays little attention to trivial things as rules and boundaries.

As she prepares her next album with Bomb Squad legend Hank Shocklee in the mix (he lent a production hand on Dva), last month Emika issued a brilliant cover of David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” (Shocklee-Emikaized Version), which strips away the funky pop gloss the Thin White Duke was known for during the time and transforms the classic into a dreamy, synthy work. The cover went down so well that Emika was invited to perform in the David Bowie Retrospective at the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin on June 15.

Always busy working on music, we cajoled Emika to take a brief studio break and share her five favorite songs of the moment on SoundCloud.

1. Kassem Mosse – “Broken Patterns”
This is the sickest record in my house-techno-f**k-genre-love-signature-sound-production collection.

2. Olin – “Finally”
Everything about this is dope. Dope bass, dope hats, dope vocal, dope pad sounds, dope filters.

3. Marcel Dettmann feat. Emika – “Seduction” (Long Version)
My favorite twisted ride with Marcel Dettmann. Get in, shut your mouth, leave.

4. Addison Groove & Sam Binga – “Rzor” (50WEAPONS028)
This needs no explanation.

5. Pinch – “Obsession” (The Possession)
No one can mess with Pinch! No one. He is the champion.

Darren Ressler

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