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Anja Schneider

Berlin’s Anja Schneider is about to take on Ibiza in a big way. In preparation of a gig-filled season on the White Isle, Schneider released her Dubmission EP, a collection of deep tracks influenced by the sounds in Berlin’s club scene that made an indelible mark on her musical psyche in the ’90s club . Now’s she’s about to embark on one of her most ambitious summers to date behind the decks. Not only will her mobilee label present a free bi-weekly pool party residency on Mondays between July 14 and September 22 at Santos Coast Club, but she also will bring her killer grooves to choice parties including Solomun +1, Marco Carola’s Music On and El Row at Space . She will also debut of Anja Schneider’s Mobilee Pool radio show on Ibiza Sonica every second Monday from 2-3pm on Ibiza Sonica Radio. We caught up with the very busy Schneider and asked her to share her five favorite artists of the moment.

Anja Schneider’s Dubmission EP is out out now. Schneider plays Solomun +1 at Pacha Ibiza on June 8 and Mobilee & Sebo K´s Scenario at Bloc in Barcelona on June 11.

1. Re.You
One of our mobilee artists and a fantastic young talent with a special groove. I’m digging every release by him and was very happy to sign him to the label. You really have to check him out and his project with Keinemusik Rampa, RAR, which has a great special minimal house flavor.

2. William Kouam Djoko
The sexiest artists of this time! I discovered him last year with his track on Leftroom, “Mystic Niger,” which had a special role in every set of mine. He is an incredibly talented young man, with an amazing taste and style and a huge background, which is impressive for someone so young. Watch out!

3. Mathias Kaden
Not so much a secret weapon, more of an open secret! He will always be the best DJs I have ever played with. I love the natural way he produces tracks and his ease with music. It’s refreshing to be with someone “head-free” and full of soul. He’s the most authentic artist I know, and I will always love him.

4. Philipp Bader
I’ve known this artist since he started in Berlin. It makes me very happy to see how he has developed his sound and his style. As the king of Berlin after parties, he became a serious artist without losing his childhood taste and humor. It’s fantastic for his music, and it’s great that the big business didn’t take away his charm.

5. Rodriguez Jr.
Another mobilee artist, with a maturity and creativity unrivaled by anyone else I know. He has a unique style and delivers it in so many interesting and experimental ways. I only have to listen to the first four seconds of one of his tracks to know it’s a Rodriguez Jr. belter! He is a real musician and has my utmost respect.

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