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Jerry Bouthier

Parisian record label/clothing line Kitsuné is getting ready to drop America 3, a new entry in their America compilation series known for identifying buzzworthy talent just before they bubble up to the surface. Their latest 14-track installment features the likes of Heartsrevolution, Jerome LOL and Brenmar and doesn’t disappoint. With music at the core of everything they over at Kitsuné, we asked Jerry Bouthier — a close friend of Kitsuné/popular London-via-Paris groove merchant in his own right — to share his five favorite artists of the moment on SoundCloud. Voilà!

Kitsuné release America 3 on June 2. Maxxi Soundsystem, Years & Years (live), Gildas & Jerry Bouthier, Lxury and Clancy play Kitsuné’s Summer Party on June 21 at Village Underground in London.

1. Mjolnir
This duo from Jakarta, Indonesia is quite different in ideas and sounds. It’s fascinating to hear other cultures’ stamp on genres that were originally predominantly European, like Italo-disco or synth-pop. Nara and Catra do their thing without trying to fit here or there; they’re confident musicians. And since they have a really good ear for melody, you’re in for a treat. JBAG, my music project with Andrea Gorgerino, has remixed their new single, “Just A Boy,” which is out now on my label, Continental. You can download the JBAG dub here. They have also brilliantly remixed The Chems’ fabulous “Swoon” (great to finish your sets with), you can grab it here.

2. Luke Million
Luke is one-of-a-kind: a music luminary and a true gentleman. Based Down Under in Adelaide, he’s some kind of disco-funk wizard with the most amazing vintage studio and super music powers at that. He’s all about the music; so refreshing. His project The Swiss brings good doses of sparkling groove to Kitsuné. He’s remixed The Swiss’ last single, and recently reinterpreted Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” (with Luke himself on vocoder). You can download it here.

3. Roosevelt
Possibly my favorite artist at the moment, this German guy’s melodies are out of this world. I used his track “Soleil” for my second Kitsuné Soleil mix with Gildas. The funny thing is I fell in love with it and had to include it in the mix at once without even looking at the fitting title, doh. It’s as if The Smiths had gone electronic after getting E’d up at The Hacienda, properly sublime. Check the best track of his last EP and play one of his mixtapes.

4. Boys Get Hurt
Big on electro, Japan is still catching up with the new wave of DJ/producers bringing Balearic tropical disco to dance floors. Still, Tokyo can now boast a major player in the name of Boys Get Hurt (a.k.a. Yuki Abe). This young prodigy is on the way to the top for crafting inspired dancey pop packed with bouncy melodies. He’s remixed “Romanticize” for ace Australian Chela on Kitsuné and Reflex’s “Together” for Continental, on which he’s about to release his new single, “Your Love.” Ch-ch-check it out.

5. Kamp!
This Polish trio deserves to go stratospheric and probably will if there is justice out there. For me, they’re like an electronic answer to Phoenix: a bunch of nice boys, longtime friends, with great catchy songs and strong musical ideas. You have to see them live: they effortlessly switch from sing-along pop songs to rave breakdowns and back. So much fun. Listen to my favorite song off their Polish import album (included on Kitsuné Soleil 2) and our JBAG remix of their cult biggie “Cairo” on Portugal’s DiscoTexas (Moullinex’s label).

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